Thursday, June 23, 2005

Milking Tarongoy

Philippine's President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo (front R) celebrates with Robert Tarongoy (front L) at the Malacanang Palace. Filipino accountant Robert Tarongoy, held hostage in Iraq since November, was released unharmed on Wednesday after months of negotiations with his militant captors, Philippine government officials said.

ABS-CBN Stories

Filipina bank teller reported kidnapped in Bahrain
A Filipina bank teller has been reported kidnapped in Bahrain as the country cheered the release of accountant Roberto Tarongoy from his Iraqi captors, it was learned Thursday.
Helen Nodalo told ABS-CBN News Thursday that her daughter Grace was abducted by a still unknown group outside her residence in Bahrain around 8:30 a.m. Tuesday. Grace, 39, is working as a bank teller for Bahrain Financing.

The elder Nodalo said Grace's co-workers sought the help of authorities after the Filipina failed to show up for work that day.

Initial reports indicated that Grace's blood-stained cellular phone and sandals were recovered outside her residence.

The victim's mother said she and her daughter last talked during the first week of May.

She said Grace came home for vacation in March and left for Bahrain on May 28. She did not elaborate.

Nodalo said she does not know of anyone wanting to see Grace dead.

She, however, said the victim had a spat with another Filipina.

The still unidentified Filipina reportedly blamed Grace after she was ordered transferred to the company's Manila office.

Nodalo appealed to the government to help find her daughter.

The foreign affairs department has yet to confirm the kidnapping of Grace.

The report of Grace's abduction was released Thursday just as Tarongoy arrived from Bahrain.

Tarongoy, 32, was kidnapped in Iraq November last year by an unidentified group of armed men. He worked for Saudi Arabia Trading and Construction Company.

Tarongoy, a native of Davao, slipped into Iraq despite the ban on deployment of Filipino workers imposed by the Department of Labor and Employment.